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   Historic Survey of 2015

Survey Background

Sponsor: Princeton HPC

The Historic Preservation Commission of the Municipality of Princeton initiated the survey of 2015 to document the Witherspoon-Jackson neighborhood, to determine if it would be eligible for the National Register of Historic Places, and to make a recommendation regarding a local designation of the district.

The study area had been included in a survey of the earlier Princeton Township and Princeton Borough, completed in the 1980s. The New Jersey State Historic Preservation Office determined the Witherspoon-Jackson Historic District to be eligible for the National Register in 1984. That determination examined a rectangular area running along both sides of Witherspoon and John Streets, from Paul Robeson Place north to Clay Street.

Wise Preservation Planning LLC

Wise Preservation Planning (WISE) is a full-service historic preservation firm that practices in Pennsylvania and adjacent mid-Atlantic states. The firm is a leader in the historic preservation field, having completed 30 nominations for properties and historic districts listed on the National Register of Historic Places, a dozen comprehensive historic resource surveys, multiple historic resource impact studies, and dozens of historic property histories. More information on the firm's historic preservation practice can be found on the WISE website.

The 2015 Survey

The survey of 2015 proposed an enlarged, L-shaped boundary for the Witherspoon-Jackson Historic District. The consultants documented 395 properties and drafted a history for the enlarged district. The survey also documented streetscapes, and this information was posted on this website. Information on each property in the district was also posted on the website, including a description of the building, a statement about its setting, and a brief history. The survey report is posted at the bottom of this page.

Future of the Website

Although this website was initiated to document the properties identified during the survey of 2015, it is also designed to be a dynamic resource for residents of Princeton. With the passage of time, additional information can be added and existing information corrected or updated. New information may be forwarded to the Princeton HPC, which will verify the information, update the database, and make the information available to future visitors of the website.

Project Documents

2015 Survey Report

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