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   20-24 Lytle Street


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20-24 Lytle Street

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20-24 Lytle Street

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Witherspoon Jackson HD



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This property contains two multi family residences: 20 Lytle is a 2.5 story Victorian-style building (contributing) and 24 Lytle is a 3-story, multi- family building that is relatively new (noncontributing). Located on the south side of the tree-lined street, both buildings have ample flat yard space to their sides and rear; their "front yards" are just 5 feet from the sidewalk, however. New trees planted around 20 Lytle support the existing mature shade trees on the street.


20 Lytle: This large, Victorian multi-unit house contains one of the very fe few double-decker front p fe few double fe few double-decker front fe few double-decker front p fe few double fe few double-decker front p fe few double-decker front porches, and is also rare for its 2.5-story height an and flared boxed-porch r an and flar an and flared boxed-por an and flared boxed-porch r an and flar an and flared boxed-porch r an and flared boxed-porch railing on the second floor. The house has a 2.5 st story, gabled roofed, rear addition that may be a recent addition. This he height appears to have been augmented by large, nearly full-length shed-ro roofed or monitor dormers located on both the west and east sides of the ho house. The paired doors on the first floor, north façade, which allow ac access into first and upper floor units, also appear to be original. The ho house is a 2.5-story, framed residence with a front end gabled roof. The ro roof extends fully over the double-decker front porch. The roof is asphalt an and the walls ar an and th an and the walls ar an and the walls ar an and th an and the walls ar an and the walls are clad in aluminum. The main (north) façade is ch characterized by the double decker front porch and boxed knee walls and/or ra railings. The ra rail ra railings. Th ra railings. The ra rail ra railings. The ra railings. The third level, under the gable, extends over these porches. Fe Fenestration consists of replacement main 1x1 windows. At the 3rd level is a a set of pai a a a a set of a a set of pai a a a a set of pai a a set of paired windows centered under gable. At the 2nd and 1st levels ar are tri-window sets aligned on the left half of the house. Doors to the po porches are on the right half, with on the 2nd floor and 2 on the 1st fl floor. The masonry pier foundation under the porch has been boxed in; the re remainin re re rema re remainin re re remainin re remaining foundation of the house is concrete. Fenestration on the east an and west walls is a mixture of single and paired windows, with 4 such wi windows in alignment on the east side. A gabled entrance hood is centered on on th on on on on th on on on th on on the west side. Between the 1st and 2nd levels on the west wall is a off-ce cent c ce cent ce cent ce center stairway landing window. The porch is also accessed via a wooden se set of stairs from the west side. 24 Lytle: This is a three-story, multi-unit residence that appears to be a newer building and is in any case noncontributing. Though it picks up on some of the front-located porches and openings of 20 Lytle, its use of modern fenestration design, three story porch arrangement, and shallow- pitched roof is inconsistent with the neighborhood setting in general.









This property shows up on the 1890 map of Princeton as one of the earlier buildings on the south side of Lytle. The 1885 construction date is an estimate based on architecture.


Early maps, Sanborn atlas



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2015 Photo
North and west elevations

2015 Photo
North and east elevations

2015 Photo
24 Lytle Street: new house, north and east elevations


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