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   Witherspoon Lane


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Witherspoon Lane

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Witherspoon Lane

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Witherspoon Jackson HD



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Queen Anne

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This property is in a quiet dead-end street east of Witherspoon street. the lane is shaded by various trees and its two buildings, the subject of this form, are located between commercial buildings to the immediate west facing Witherspoon and the Princeton Cemetery immediate to the south. Heading east f from Witherspoon, frame, multi-residential unit is north of lane, and a s stone multi-unit dwelling unit at lane's end.5


Property has two historic resources. Located north of the lane is a 2-story, 10-bay, 5-unit frame rowhouse building facing south immediately onto the lane. It is a frame building that sits slightly skewed from lane (western ended a few feet further from lane than eastern end). The building is rectangular and is approximately 90' long and 25' wide. The roof is an end-gabled, asphalt shingled unit with four banded brick chimneys randomly placed on the south slope. Walls are vinyl clad, windows are all 1/1 replacement sash units, and doors are replacements as well. Fenestration includes two window units for each of the 5 residential units, but asymmetrically spaced. Openings on the 1st and 2nd levels are aligned. There are three shed-roofed porchs over the entrances. The west and off-center ones cover 2-entrance each; the far east porch covers a single unit. The porches or stoops are masonry and have masonry knee walls on ends and between unit entrances. Turned posts with dosseret support roof above.

West end fenestration includes aligned windows near corners at each level with a smaller window centered on the 1st level. Pattern repeated on east wall.

The eastern unit built c. 1897 is a Queen Anne style building. It consists of a 2.5 story, part stone and vinyl-clad building facing south, with additions on its north end. The main (south) façade features to prominent 2-story octagonal bay projections each with steeply pitched or pointed pyramidal roofs. The main roof structure is hipped around a flat top, and asphalt shingled. The roof is interrupted by the aforementioned pointed roofs of the bays, and by several shed-roofed dormers, including one centered on south façade and three each on the east and west facades. On the south(main)façade, overhanging, molded eaves and cornice create an exaggerated roofline over the bays and walls. There are two small sash windows in the dormer. Both bays have three 1x1 sash units (building appears to have all replacement windows) with decorative wall panels above and below windows. A large nearly flap porch roof separates floors and extends well past bays. The two entrance doors , with rare transoms, are centered between bays. Porch is supported by 4 narrow squared posts (probably not original) that stand on the frame porch deck. Deck supported by cement walls beneath. Wide stairs, centered, conned porch to grade. Railing are simple with turned balustrade.

Side walls are rubble stone and appear to be identical (west one obscured). Tall banded brick chimney between 1st and 2nd dormer on east wall. There are 8 windows, 4 on each level, aligned, and each with a segmental arch in stonework above.

Attached to the rear is a 1 story addition and a 1.5 story far addition with gabled roof and frame projection on east end.









Maps show the eastern most building on the 1898 map and not on the 1895 map, thus a c. 1897 date for construction. The far building is not shown on the 1898 map but does appear on the 1902 map, and thus a c. 1900 construction date.


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