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Quarry Street

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Note: Information regarding streetscapes is based a streetscape inventory conducted in 1980 with information placed on the NJ Historical Commi Commission's Streetscape Inventory Forms. Pertinent information - description, history, number of resources, etc. was revised based on the 2015 survey of Witherspoon-Jackson neighborhood resulting in the informati information below. Numbers such as "1109-7-S13" refer to the individual 1980 Streetscape forms.

Quarry Street - 1109-7-S13 (revised 2015)

Quarry Street is a mixed-use street, yet a quiet one. The Waxwood (ap (apartment building and former nursing home and school before that) takes u up about about a third of the north side of the street. Its large brick e edifice, manicicured lawn and wrought iron fence contrasts to the small s scale and less formal setting found elsewhere on Quarry Street and t throughout the Witherspoon-Jackson neighborhood. The majority of the b buildings here are residences and set back 8-12’ from the tree-lined s street. The setback is inconsistent on the south side however.

Regarding the street’s architectural, virtually every one of its houses,which range from 1 ½ to 2 ½-stories in height, is clad in aluminum, asbestos, asphalt, or vinyl siding. Most homes are vernacular with virtually no ornamentation. The street does contain several houses exhibiting Greek Revival and or Italianate -style details (nos. 10, and 22/24)while #19 exhibits a modern version of the Colonial Revival style. There are also few buildings dating from the 1960ss and 1970s (nos. 13 and 21), as well as a recently constructed International style double house on at 28 Quarry.

Approximate number of buildings: 16 in 2015; 16 in 1980


According to the 1980 streetscape survey, “Quarry Street was named for the stone quarry on its west side.” However no early maps indicate a quarry in this location.




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2015 Photo
Quarry Street, east end, facing east

2015 Photo
Quarry Street, facing west from the center of the block


10 Quarry Street
11 Quarry Street
12-14 Quarry Street
13 Quarry Street
16-18 Quarry Street
19 Quarry Street
22-24 Quarry Street
23 Quarry Street
28 Quarry Street
30 Quarry Street
Witherspoon School, 35 Quarry Street
39 Quarry Street

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