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Clay Street

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Note: Information regarding streetscapes is based a streetscape inventory conducted in 1980 with information placed on the NJ Historical Commission's Streetscape Inventory Forms. Pertinent information - description, history, number of resources, etc. was revised based on the 2015 survey of Witherspoon-Jackson neighborhood resulting in the information below. Numbers such as "1109-7-S13" refer to the individual 1980 Streetscape forms.

Clay Street – 1109-7-S3

Clay Street is the setting for the Hegeman Homes, a 50-unit garden style apartment complex. The street itself differs from other cross streets in the Witherspoon-Jackson neighborhood because it has a slight turn. Moreover, instead of mainly frame individual houses fronting the street just off the sidewalk, the Hegeman buildings are multi-unit, 1.5 story brick structures mainly set in large “c” shapes constructed around open lawn or courtyards with the open part of the “c” facing the street. Built as a housing project in the early 1950s, the homes are an example of Princeton’s efforts at providing low and moderate priced rental dwellings in the neighborhood. Trees, no doubt planted when the project was built the street and parallel its sidewalks.


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2015 Photo
Clay Street, east end, facing west

2015 Photo
Clay Street, west end, facing east


Hageman Homes, Clay Street
16-82 Clay Street
Hageman Homes, 50 Clay Street
Hageman Homes, 50 Clay Street

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